KSat Stuttgart e.V.

We are the Small Satellite Society at the University of Stuttgart.

We dream to conduct our own space projects, put theory into practice and open space to students.


•  Our current projects:

    •  CAPE, a small satellite to explore the upper atmosphere.

    •  MIRKA2-ICV, a of our micro return capsule being launched from a high altitude baloon in South Africa

    •  ROACH, a small rover which will drive on a high altitude rocket's hull

    •  PAPELL, a ferrofluid based pump for the Gerst Mission 2018

•  In march 2016 we successfully completed our MIRKA2-RX mission which flew on REXUS 19.

•  You can find news regarding our projects here.

•  Watch interesting videos on YouTube or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

•  Any questions? You can contact us at any time. Also, you are welcome to join us at our weekly meetings!

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