KSat Stuttgart e.V.

Current Projects of KSAT 

ROACH - Robotic in-Orbit Analysis of Cover Hulls

Autonomous rover on a rocket's hull. Enabled via REXUS.

Status: In Progress. (CDR) Launch date: Early 2018


CAPE - Cubesat Atmospheric Probe for Education

4U Cubesat (10x10x40cm) with a maximum massof 4.5 Kg

Status: In Progress.


MIRKA2-RX - Mikro Return Capsule 2 - REXUS

Preliminary mission for CAPE. Flight of a beta version of the MIRKA2 capsule and the LOTUS seperation mechanism in the REXUS rocket

Status: Successfully lauched in March 2016.

Spin-off missions:

MIRKA2-HyEnD - cooperation with Hybrid Engine Development

MIRKA2-ICV - Inflight Communication Verification


Past projects as part of SSETI - Student Space Exploration and Technology Initative


First student developed microsatellite (60 Kg) to release three Cubesats.

Status: Success despite of system failure after five days in space.

ESEO - European Student Earth Orbiter

Permanent Microsatelilte orbiter designed to research the radiation in the Van-Allen belt.

Status: Under Development (the local student group left the ESEO project in 2008).

ESMO - European Student Moon Orbiter

First student developed lunar satellite (190 Kg) designed to take pictures of the surface of the moon and communicate via the LunaNet.

Status: Canceled after successfull PDR.



Demonstration of the cold gas attitude control subsystem of the ESMO satellite.

Status: Paused.


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