KSat Stuttgart e.V.

CubeSat Atmospheric Probe for Education (CAPE) is a CubeSat System consisting of two experiments. The Service & Deorbit Module (SDM) and a separable capsule called micro-return capsule 2 (MIRKA2). CAPE is mainly developed and executed by students of the University Stuttgart and the Institute of Space Systems (IRS). One of the key features on CAPE, which is important for the further development of CubeSats, is its pulsed plasma thruster (PPT). This engine is based on previous developments from the IRS.

Another aspect of this mission is to develop a relatively cheap platform for examining heat shields for re-entry vehicles and small payloads.

Since CubeSat systems have every aspect of a commercial satellite in miniaturized form, it is ideal for giving students hands-on experience throughout their courses. All KSat members work in their free time with high commitment.

For further assistance, the Institute of Space Systems appoints bachelor and master thesis to this project and three IRS PhD students are developing technologies, which directly contribute to the CAPE mission.


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