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ROACH (Robotic in-Orbit Analysis of Cover Hulls) will be our second experiment within the DLR REXUS/BEXUS program. The KSAT/Roach Team has already sucessfully applied for the REXUS 23/24 cycle. The project currently is in phase B.

The ROACH project is motivated by the threats posed by space debris, micrometeorides and structural fatigue to space structures. Space itself with vacuum and thermal cycling is an demanding environment for satellite or space stations. Thus, periodical monitoring of the outer hull of these spacecrafts is advisable.  Regular monitoring and perhaps even small repairs could lead to a less conservative design approach for future space structures. Instead of EVAs or photo-optical inspections, small rovers which travel the surface and search for potential damages are a fascinating new idea.
The ROACH rover utilises electro-adhesive tracks to move on a surface within the REXUS rocket. It will be equipped with sensors which examine the module structure. The rover itself will be secured with a cable to the module which also supplies power and the link to the on-board computer. The goal of the ROACH projectis to develop, build and fly this experiment.

The design of the rover and the experiment is depicted below:


REXUS/BEXUS is an internaional student program in cooperation with the german aerospace center (DLR) with the swedish national spaceboard (SNSB). This program is designed as a competition and allows students to realize their own ideas and test their own experiments in conditions comparable to space. This includes the influence of space radiation or the behavior in micro gravity environment.
There are two options available for experiments: First the nearly six meter long rocket (REXUS) that is able to reach an altitude up to 100 km and secondly a stratospheric ballon (BEXUS), that is able to reach 35 km in free flight.

During the whole project duration the german student teams will be supervised by the DLR spaceflight managment Bonn. They get to know the complete flow of a spaceproject, from the idea to the final publications of results.

Rexus/Bexus Programm

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