KSat Stuttgart e.V.

KSat e.V. is a non-profit society which was founded in spring 2014. Our 30+ members are students of all semesters, mostly with a background in aerospace engineering. The society is open to students of every subject.


Our goal is to encourage our members to launch their own space project during their studies. Further, we aim to spread knowledge and passion for space related topics and provide a platform for the communication between students, industry, researchers and the general public.


KSat e.V. was founded by former SSETI-students and has a long tradition in satellite-building, reaching back to 2005. Only two years after the formation of our society, we successfully launched MIRKA2-RX.


Of course, we also have fun beyond pure engineering tasks: barbecues in summer are part of our society activities as well as our annual Christmas party.


New members are always welcome!




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