KSat Stuttgart e.V.

KSat e.V. lives from inspiring the next generation of young engineers for its projects and the societies work. Until recently, prospective as well as new members were directly included into the project related work and therefore were “thrown in at the deep end”. Thus, we would like to prepare our prospective members better for their future challenges and duties.



First CanSat Challenge

The first CanSat Challenge of KSat was initiated in November 2016 for its junior members.

The primary objective is the safe return of an uncooked chicken egg from a given altitude of a few hundred meters back to the ground.
The secondary objective is to return the egg faster than the other teams.The tertiary objective is to include an application which provides scientifically interesting data.

A CanSat is an electromechanical system whose main goal is the education of students. The name is derived from the outer structure of the system, which consists of a standard 330 ml can. Besides the given volume and the requirement to only slightly modify the geometry of the can, the teams are free to design their own systems. Another requirement is to stay within the given budget.

During the CanSat Challenge, the teams shall get acquainted with the respective tasks and challenges:

  • work on a project which is divided into the phases of a typical space-related project
  • time and work package management
  • public outreach
  • project work with a limited financial budget
  • classical engineering fields:
    • construction and design
    • electronics
    • software and microcontroller programming
    • material selection and handling
    • mission analysis
    • project management



from left to right: 
Nicolas Heinz, Robert Reibold, Adrian Causevic, Sonja Hofmann, Jonas Meth, Yannik Mühlhäuser, Kilian Hunter, Claus Schaufler, Clemens Berger


from left to right:
Philipp Sahli, Vincent Wilczek, Matthias Hell, Maximilian Schneider, Christopher Behrmann, Sinan Alp Aslan, Moritz Sauer



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