KSat Stuttgart e.V.


The Institute of Space Systems (IRS) supports us with expertise and premises.


Format Druck GmbH provides print media and advertisement for free.


The German Aerospace Center (DLR)  supplied us with the WHIPOX backshell and heatshield dummy used in MIRKA2-RX.


Thales Alenia Space allowed us to use their testing facilities, including a shaker and a thermal-vacuum-chamber, and assist us financially.


CadSoft Eagle grants us free licenses for the CAE-program Eagle to design circuit boards.




Beta Layout sponsored the PCBs for the MIRKA2-ICV project. Beta Layout has manufactured all of our PCBs so far and we are happy about the quality and the support granted.


Mannel Magnettechnik supplied us over 100 custom made electromagnets for the PAPELL project.


Astos Solutions provides us with licences for their ASTOS AeroSpace Trajectory Optimization Software.


Laser Components contributed thermopiles for MIRKA2-RX.



Multiband Antennas donated patch antennas used in MIRKA2-RX and follow-up missions.



ERNI Production kindly offered us various samples of their connectors from the micro stack and mini bridge series. These were successfully used within the MIRKA2 projects.


The Namibia based company Nam Track supplied us with a custom beacon in order to precisely locate MIRKA2-RX's capsule.


Albert Wager Bauunternehmung GmbH & Co lent us a crane for the validation of the capsule's aerodynamics.

  The Society of Friends of the University of Stuttgart e.V. (Vereinigung von Freunden der Universität Stuttgart e.V.) covered a significant amount of travel expenses during the Kiruna campaign in 2016, reducing the financial load on participating members.
    The Bergmaier Präzision GmbH supported the CanSat team Space Eggs with material and production capacity for their parachute release mechanism.

Stratasys GmbH - MakerBot Division supports us with free production of 3D-print components, especially for the CanSat project.

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